Tips To Sell Villas In Dubai On Higher Rates

The price of the property depends on how it is constructed. However, the higher price of the property depends on how it is presented. The real estate agents present all the properties in a similar way, however, you can adopt these tricks to increase the price of your villas in Dubai.

Tricks and Tips

1. Don’t hide the flaws of your villa. Rather, repair those flaws or show them up to the customers straight. Your honesty about one flaw will hide your other flaws automatically. Sometimes, it is not the flaw but a unique or may be wrong construction style of the villa; for example a very large villa. In such case, the owner of villa should genuinely highlight the construction uniqueness.

2. Maintain the originality of the 360 degree video of your villa. Adding voice over to the house, putting in music or SFX and hiring a beautiful model to explain your house will only commercialize your simple 360 view of the villa. The customers are well aware of the marketing tactics and they don’t want to be trapped in some marketing gimmick. The simpler the video is, the better the marketing will be.

3. Choose the real estate agent carefully. Advertisements largely depend on the reputation and commission percentage of the realtor. Ask the basic questions from the agent, check his communication style, office location and office set up, and finally, negotiate your villa features with him.

4. The best time to sell villas in Dubai is the start of every year. If you want to sell a villa project, then you must sell it in the mid of year. A fully constructed or furnished villa should be sold within the first month of the year. Although it is not a hard and fast rule, however, it does increase the price of your villa up to 65%.

5. Make warranty offer over new products. If your villa has already been used for more than a year, then spend some extra money on installing a new cooking range, a stove and lights etc. You will automatically get warranties for these products which, you can offer to your villa buyer as well. It will boost up the confidence of your villa buyer.

6. Prepare a complete construction design of the villa to the customer. The design would contain the schedule of expenses on the required repairs also. Just show a copy of this design in your video tutorial. However, give the design to the actual villa buyer only.

7. Show the villa to the buyer completely and potentially. The more you show, the greater are the chances of getting a higher price. There may be any component in your villa which impress the buyer the most. In short, stay honest and loyal to the buyer.

8. Promote the villa on the internet. Don’t you think there must be something special in the advertisements, which compels the big brands to spend more than 30% of their profit on advertising only?

Tips To Sell Villas In Dubai On Higher Rates