Luxury Villas In Dubai – Technology and Art Blended Perfect Constructions!

The luxury villas in Dubai are renowned throughout the world due to their popularity associated with the world famous celebrities and businessmen. There would be hardly some famous personality who does not have a luxury villa in Dubai.

What Makes Dubai Luxury Villas This Much Desirable?

The concept of royalty in the Arab life always remained a part of U.A.E and Dubai. With several innovations, the life in Dubai saw different phases of prosperity. However, since the day when Dubai became an economic and business hub of Asia and U.A.E, the routes of technology automatically paved into the lifestyle of Dubai.

Today, Dubai stands as the fastest growing economy of the world. The economic prosperity added perfection into the lifestyle by blending the art and technology in the lifestyle. Including the luxury villas of Palm Islands, Dubai Marina, The Tiger Woods Dubai Community, Al Barari and several other big names, the luxury villas in Dubai are taken hand on hand even during the projects are on paper.

Brief Categorization Of Luxury Villas In Dubai

According to the local people and residents of Dubai, the luxury villas in Dubai are categorized as Palaces, Mansions and Pool Villas. The palaces are the traditional Arabian constructions. The servants are mostly females in Arabian dancing girl outfits. The majority of foods include fruits and Arabian delights, especially dates. The interior is designed in the contemporary royal palaces of the Arab kings including a big hall, bedroom with an attached sitting room, curtained beds, a big bathroom with a hammam or hot water pool shower, and dining room attached with the kitchen etc. The beverages and wine are served in Arabian jugs and bowls made mostly with silver.

The mansions are more technological and western in style. The western construction designs include a big driveway, a big lounge, a rectangular dining room, a big kitchen with an attached dirty kitchen, a bed room with an attached medium sized bath room, garage, pool shower in the bathrooms, meeting room and external relaxation sitting system etc. The food is served in western dishes and beverages in the wine glasses.

The pool villas are more romantic than other two types. The pool villas either contain a private beach or they contain a big pool inside or outside the villa. The pool villas are a mix of traditional and western style and mostly contain a theme. Pool villas contain external sitting arrangement for the couples. Most of the pool villas contain medium sized rooms and lounge.

Top Expensive Villas In Dubai

The Dubai luxury villas stand beside the expensive most properties of the world. According to a survey and research done in late 2012, the top most expensive properties in Dubai include;

  • 11 properties by the Emaar’s Emirate Hills,
  • Le Reve properties in Dubai Marina,
  • Le Reve properties in Palm Jameirah, and
  • Le Reve properties in Arabian Ranches
Luxury Villas In Dubai – Technology and Art Blended Perfect Constructions