How To Rent Flats In Dubai Without A Real Estate Agent

Dubai is the world center of real estate. There are thousands of real estate agents waiting for offering great deals to the foreigners. However, if one does not wish to rent flats in Dubai through a real estate agent, then a few legal issues regarding paper work and bills are important to learn.

Paper Work Issues

The terms and conditions on the legal papers of the Dubai properties are based on one year fixed term. However, without reading the paper, a person might get trapped into some scam.

1. Get a legal residence visa of Dubai. However, if you are unable to get a permanent visa, then open an account and take a visa under process letter from the bank. DEWA will accept the visa under process letter for renting flats in Dubai, however, the residence visa should be attained within 3 months.

2. The payment is processed through cheques. Normally one to four cheques complete the payment process, among which, the first one is paid on the starting date of contract and other cheques are post dated.

3. Notice issuance date is given in the contract. The date of notice is normally one month before the ending date of contract. The response of notice depends on your decision to stay in the flat or rent some other flat in Dubai.

4. Check the owner’s registry through sale contract or title deed. You should make payments to the registered owners or the power of attorney only.

Bill Issues

1. Dubai Electric and Water or DEWA is the only electricity and water source in Dubai. You cannot acquire these basic facilities without installing DEWA services. The government of Dubai collects water and electricity fee and tax fee in two forms. The basic bill of water and electricity is one form and the house fee is another form. The house fee is the 5% of the total yearly rent of the house splitted into 12 months.

2. The centerly air conditioned or heated flats in several flat building type constructions charge a chiller fee to every flat also. Palm, Marina and Downtown flats are built in centerly air conditioned buildings. The chiller fee is normally non-bargainable, and only a few contracts show the chiller fee. A real estate agent guides about the chiller fee, however, if you don’t want to render the services of an agent, then you will have to do personal research on each area’s chiller fee.

3. The TV, landline and internet service is provided either by DEWA or by Du or Etisalat. The services of DEWA are quite inexpensive for TV and internet etc. however, these services are available in a very few areas. The services od Du and Etisalat are very expensive. Again, without a real estate agent, you will have to do complete research on the TV, landline and internet service providers of every area.

4. Gas supply service varies from building to building. The rates are generally close to each other, therefore, gas supply does not require much research, however, a brief study is essential.

How To Rent Flats In Dubai Without A Real Estate Agent