Guide To Set Up Virtual Offices In Dubai

Setting up virtual offices in Dubai does not require a real estate agent, as the process is as easy as ABC. However, due to the rising interest of international SMEs in Dubai, the government of Dubai has set up several rules as for the general or physical office.

Free Zone Virtual Offices Vs Other Regional Offices

Generally, a virtual office in Dubai can be set up via getting a bank account only. A small physical existence is mandatory. However, for the tax free zone virtual office, a physical existence is necessary. Small investors can set up their virtual offices in areas other than the tax-free zones. The free zones in Dubai give space to the proper companies only with some commercial existence.

A non-free zone provides physical space only, where the person has to set up his office on his own. However, the free zone provides properly furnished space with an office set up. The offices are provided in similar buildings. The structure of the building is not changed, however, more than one office can be allotted to one company on the basis of excess of clients.

According to the Dubai law, it is not compulsory to work from the virtual office. It depends on the choice of person either to work from the residence or from the office. However, it is compulsory to show the physical office or commercial office address with the company address.

Basic Rules

1. A maximum of two visas can be issued for a virtual office at a minimum fee of Dh. 25,000 p.a.

2. If a tenant wants to switch his virtual office from a free zone to somewhere else in the free zone or outside the free zone, then the whole process is repeated all over again.

3. The registered tenants can work with any other company in the U.A.E.

4. The company ownership should be shared between the tenant (49%) and an Emirati (51%).

5. A service agent should be essentially recruited to run the physical space of the office.

6. The virtual office can be run for marketing purposes, E-office purposes and dormant business purposes.

7. The investor of the virtual office is allowed to sponsor his wife and kids if he draws a Dh. 5000 salary every month.

8. Female investors can sponsor their families only if the husband has expired, or if she is a divorcee and the biological husband has granted permission for supporting the family.

9. A specific business office space with hot desks is granted only on the first come first get basis. Otherwise, the addresses are granted to the tenants if they want to work from their residential areas or other office space.

10. The description of a free zone virtual office is descried on a half page, however, if the business type has something extra to explain in terms of product types and consultancy etc, then the company needs to further explain the essentials of the company.


There are several virtual office consulting companies operating to guide the foreign virtual office holders in Dubai. A newcomer to Dubai should essentially consult the virtual office consulting companies for briefing of the laws and regulations.

Guide To Set Up Virtual Offices In Dubai