Dubai Villas – Embellished Luxurious Life In Dubai

Providing a remarkably luxurious lifestyle, and embellished and charmed with all the hi-tech society’s luxuries, Dubai villas are renowned across the oceans for their beautiful and wealthy living standards. Renters and buyers from all over the world show high interest in these villas.  Dubai villas provide an enchanting lifestyle, highly lavished by the comfort providing technology of the world. With their classic and elite nature, these elite villas are specifically designed for the high profile professionals, businessmen and major corporate identities. However, some places of Dubai also contain villas for families and people on amiable tours.

Stepping Up The Financial Ladder

The Dubai villas have highly increased the demand of Dubai residencies. Where the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai attracts people from all around the world, at the same time the industrial and business importance of Dubai makes Dubai a compulsory residency for the business identities and celebrities of the world. Since a decade, the business tycoons and famous personalities of the world necessarily buy a place in Dubai, which is used for their holiday or business meeting purposes. The interest of high-profiles have further augmented the financial value of Dubai villas in the international market.

A Deal of Variety

Dubai villas offer a big deal of variety when it comes to their construction and pricing. The prices depend not only on the area and construction, but also on the furnishing and surrounding properties. A property owned by some celebrity would definitely increase the price of the surrounding villas. The construction designs are another factor of prices. Most of the villas are average sized, however that does not reduce the lusciousness of Dubai lifestyle. Almost all villas contain swimming pools and gardens inside, or in front. The majority of the villas contains 2 to 5 bedrooms. The new villas are developed in a community style with adjoined swimming pools however, the old villas are constructed in an independent style with a private swimming pool, driveway and garden in every house.

Following are the famous Dubai villa communities and societies:

Dubai Spring Villas: Remarkably elite in nature and culture, most of the Dubai Spring Villas provide a full lake view from the bedrooms. The villas are conceived with marvelous structural and architectural designs containing private pools, study, 3 to 5 bedrooms, drawing room, living room, driveway and garden.

Dubai Arabian Ranches: Exclusively designed for an elite lifestyle, Dubai Arabian Ranches connect the downtown Dubai to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. With a polo club, golf club and educational institutions in the society, the villas in the society start from 2000 Sq. Ft. in area.

Signature Villas Palm Jameirah: Located at the most desired place of Dubai, Signature Villas contain 4 to 5 bedrooms on average. The area of these villas comprises of 13,000 Sq. Ft. with around 7000 construction area. The villas contain private pools, driveways and gardens. All the villas are located on the beach front. These villas are a true definition of luxury and comfort.

Dubai Villas – Embellished Luxurious Life In Dubai