Brief Guide To Economic Investment In Dubai Property For Rent

Among the most prosperous businesses of Dubai, real estate agencies make a notable profit every year. However; you can make an economic investment in a Dubai property for rent by operating the property buying and selling process without a real estate agent. Here are some of the techniques.

1. Residence VISA

The first and most important task is to attain a legal resident VISA. There are two types of resident VISAS. The permanent VISA is the most accepted one. The temporary VISA is issued after opening a bank account in Dubai, however; it is valid for 3 months only.

2. Money Issues

Your property payment process is made through cheques. On buying a Dubai property, you will complete the process in 4 cheques. However; on renting a Dubai property, you will have to make every payment through cheque.

3. Billing Issues

DEWA is the government electricity and water supplying service. No other private service operates in Dubai. After installing DEWA services, you will pay a 5% rent in the name of electricity and water services of DEWA. The telecommunication services of DEWA are also very affordable. However; due to limited service, you might be required to install Du or Etisalat telecommunication services. The centrally air conditioned or heated properties offer two types of bills. You either pay to the government of Dubai or to the contractor of community. Gas bills are paid to the building.

4. Notice Dates

An owner cannot send the notice to the renter a month before the end date of contract. The owner cannot ask the renter to leave the property without sending the notice. In such a case, the government of Dubai oversees the case.

5. Contract Terms

Learn about the contract terms and research about the backgrounds and references of each term. It will save you from scams and contract confusions.

Other Tips

1. For a year long stay in Dubai, you can attain an extended temporary visa on behalf of the company’s cover letter that you are working in.

2. Do a complete research on the property rates and decide the rates with the landlord personally. This will secure you from all other real estate agent expenses and you will also be able to directly communicate with the landlord. However; you should always get rate quotes from different real estate agents.

3. The Dubai property for rent offers a flexible rule to all the renters. You can notify in your contract paper whether you will continue using the property after the contract expiry date or not. This secures you from further expenses in renewal contract. However; if you are not confirmed about your stay, then you can sign a renewal contract after receiving the notice.

4. Always try to open an account in any of the Dubai banks. The bank account will offer you exclusive support at various stages of your stay in Dubai.

5. Finally, always choose a location close to main road but away from commercial area.